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Ellen Schmitt is the owner of BoviLogique. She has been working as a bovine field practitioner for the last 20 years in La Mayenne, France. Her clients helped her to acquire a unique insight in dairy farming. In her vision, productivity, health and longevity of cows go hand in hand.  


She has a broad experience in milk quality and parlour management.  Very soon, she understood that cow comfort is essential for cows to perform. Farmers appreciate her opinion on barn design.


Farmers, but also the dairy and pharmaceutical industry work with Ellen for the practical approach, her pro-activite attitude and her attention for details. While working with her clients, Ellen realises that cows are always right and that they indicate the way to go:

Let us observe the cows, together, in order to find the road to succes !


Qualifications : 



Diplomate ECBHM & ECAR


  • Understanding of bovine diseases: diagnostics and treatment

  • Cow nutrition

  • Milk quality and the milking machine

  • Automatic milking systems

  • Ambassador of bovine wellfare

  • Cow comfort & Barn design

  • Laboratory methods

  • Execution of clinical studies (GCP)

  • Communication and presentation in English, French and Dutch

  • Positive attitude, practical approach, curious


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