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The trainings that are proposed by BoviLogique are all related to dairy farming. We provide trainings to students, technicians, scientists, commercial teams, veterinarians and farmers. The trainings can take please at the farm, in meeting rooms or online. Theoretical trainings can be followed by a practical session at a dairy farm or in a laboratory: the best way to learn is to do it yourself!

Trainings are provided in English, French or Dutch.

We look forward to making you a personalised proposal.

Some trainings that we organised in the past.

  • Safety for workers at a dairy farm

  • Milking: The interaction between the parlour, the farmer and the cows

  • Built for the cow

  • Cow Signals

  • Calve Signals

  • Feeding Signals

  • Fertility Signals

  • Nutrition of Heifers

  • Milk Quality

  • Milk Quality on Robot Farms

  • Conception of Cubicals

  • The Dry Cow

  • Selective Dry cow Therapy

  • Reproduction Management

  • Bacteriological Analyses of Milk Samples

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